Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potty Training

As I posted earlier, we recently got a new puppy named Linnie. She is very sweet and cute, but unfortunately, she did not come potty trained. The last couple of weeks my home life has revolved around Linnie's "potty schedule". Oh well, she is still young, she will get it soon....I hope.

I have to show you the coolest collar I bought her on Etsy though! She was absolutely obsessive about her tag hanging from her collar to the point where she would do nothing else but try to rip it off. I found this great seller who makes these custom collars with the tag attached to it, no jangle! They are excellent quality and are only $17.00, you can't beat that! I got her's custom made with brown leather and clear rhinestones, she loves it! I call it her "bling bling". I had to order one for my other pup Lucy so she wouldn't be jealous :0) I can't wait to get it! Her shop is called PoochyCouture click here to check it out!

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