Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gooooooo Rockies!!!

As I think I've mentioned earlier, I am teaching summer art classes at one of my schools. Each summer we try to take the kids on a field trip. Today, we took them to the Rockies game. The school I work at is full of underprivileged kids who do leave the perimeter of their town much so this a a big treat! Many of them had never been to a Rockies game before and a handful of them had never even been to Denver before (one student asked "why are the buildings so tall?) We got there safely with all our students and got settled in our seats. Then we began to fry like bacon in the sun. It was sooooo hot! Unfortunately, we were in the rock pile seats so there was no coverage from it whatsoever! We poured water on ourselves to stay as cool as we could. That aside, the kids really did have a good time and the Rockies won! Once all students were picked up, we headed home. Oh, a lukewarm shower never felt soooo good. Now its time to veg out a little and relax. Business has been slow this week so I've taken a couple of days off from painting. This weekend I will probably get back to work with that.


  1. The things we take for granted...that is great that the kids had the opportunity to experience new things! Let us not also forget wonderful things like a good shower after a long hot day! Love your Etsy shop!